About The Shop

The Shop

Richie’s Barber Shop is a classic-style barber shop where men can go for a great haircut and shave.
Richie wanted to reintroduce the idea of an old-school barber shop where guys go just to hang out and shoot the breeze.  Not only do we give a great haircut, we offer an environment where men of all ages can feel at home.


  • Haircut $35
  • Straight Razor Shave $60
  • Hot Towel Cleanse $25
“This barber shop ROCKS!!!! I went to Richie when he was at Montecito Barbers and he always had the ambition to open the premier barber shop in town. He succeeded! This place is a bit of a “man-cave…” -Doug M., Santa Barbara, Yelp!
“I now understand why real men go to barber shops and not Supercuts. It was a really fun and relaxing experience. I used to dread getting haircuts, now I am really looking forward to my next one.” -Brian P., Santa Barbara, Yelp!
“If you want great atmosphere, with great people, don’t waste your time and money anywhere else, go see Richie!” -Bob S., Santa Barbara, Yelp!