Haircuts & Trims

Get a mens haircut, straight razor shave, or hot towel treatment. We do everything old-school, the way it was meant to be done.

Straight Razor Shave

Come get a classic straight razor shave, complete with hot towels and warm lather. This is something every man should try at least once.

Hot Towel Treatment

Feel like you need an extra something to get you through the rest of your busy work day? With this treatment you will float out of the shop feeling rejuvenated.

We are more than just your neighborhood barbershop

Come find out why Richies Barber Shop is top rated in the Santa Barbara area!

  • I quickly have come to love this place. It has the feel of an old-fashioned mens barber shop (in terms of the cuts, the banter, the personality), and yet it is such a contemporary take on the idea. Richie, the owner, clearly knows his customer and he has anticipated so many of their needs. - Ken S., Yelp!